Developed with exotic and palate challenging beers in mind.

CHARLOTTE, N.C., July 24, 2019 — As one of the oldest homegrown microbreweries, we are a unique production brewery that specializes in small-batch premium craft beer, offering something for nearly every beer drinker and non beer drinker alike.

As we’ve expanded our footprint to three locations, we’ve also expanded our offerings. Adding to our line-up, we now offer our Brizo Craft Spiked Seltzer, as well as unique sour and barrel aged beers. Moreover, our second location, known as the OG, was developed with exotic and palate challenging beers in mind. In 2016, guests temporarily relocated to our North End location while we continued to create and age beers out of this space. This location truly emphasizes on flavorful exotic sours, saisons and barrel aging beers, which is in line with our Boba Brett Sour project. The OG is a reinvented space with speak-easy vibes, which provides a more intimate feel than our North End location. The ambiance pairs with our exotic style of beers beautifully.

Although the OG isn’t as extensive in size as our North End location, it offers an impressive 20+ beers on tap. While the OG mainly offers beers exclusive to its location, it also offers some NoDa Brewing year-round classics along with Brizo, our Craft Spiked Seltzer. To view a current and up-to-date OG menu, click here. Furthermore, we also offer food at this space. Don’t be fooled. You won’t see a food truck parked outside, but we are stocked with an assortment of food from Chop & Chisel every weekend. Think charcuterie, to pair perfectly with your barrel-aged beer.

Lastly, NoDa presents limited parking, like many Charlotte neighborhoods. We do offer 15 parking spots, but for those that aren’t close enough to walk to the OG, we suggest other forms of transportation: Lyft, Uber, scooters and the light rail (25th Street Station is a .6 mile walk and Parkwood Station, .7 mile). Something to keep in mind: Lyft has a new partnership with the Charlotte Independent Brewers Alliance. If you take a Lyft to our brewery and show the bartender your receipt, you’ll get a code for half off of your ride home. The OG sours of operation: Friday: 3-10 pm Saturday: 12-10 pm Sunday: 12-7 pm