With the start of the NFL’s preseason this week, and our very own home team’s first preseason game coming up in a few days, it only seems appropriate to highlight  one of our favorite partners: Roaring Riot, the unofficial Carolina Panthers fan union. In tandem with the kick-off of the season, last Friday, we released our Roaring Riot Rye Pale Ale. The beer was originally released in 2016, and it was a no brainer to bring it back this year after its instant popularity among both the Roaring Riot members and beer-lovers. We sat down to talk to Zack Luttrell, the Ringleader of the Roaring Riot, about all things Roaring Riot and beer:

  1. When was the Roaring Riot established and why? We created the Roaring Riot in 2008 with the goal uniting Panthers fans who enjoy traveling to Panthers’ away games. Our philosophy then – and still now – was to sit together at away games so that we could join our voices while cheering for the Panthers and impact the game in a hostile environment.
  2. What’s the best or coolest thing about the Roaring Riot, from your personal perspective? For me the coolest thing about the Roaring Riot is giving displaced Panthers fans an outlet to meet new people and watch the games with other fans in cities outside of Charlotte. I lived in Philly for three years so I know what it’s like watching the Panthers alone and it’s not fun. It’s nice to be able to provide a solution for those looking for a Panthers fans community.
  3. We know that raising money for charity is one of the Roaring Riot’s priorities, how much have you guys been able to give? It its history Tailgate with a Purpose has raised close to $40k for charity. Last year we raised $13k for the Cam Newton Foundation, and this year we’ve upped our goal and we’re hoping to raise $25K.
  4. How many chapters are around the world? We have 36 full Chapters in the US. We will have our first full international Chapter this year in Monterrey, Mexico.
  5. How many members strong are you? We have over 4,500 members that are representing the Roaring Riot and the Panthers in 44 states and 11 countries
  6. What made you approach us about doing a beer collaboration? NoDa is a great partner for us, and Todd and Suzie are always open to hearing any ideas we come up with for the Roaring Riot. Last season we jokingly (we weren’t really joking though) pitched the idea that their next Rye beer should be the Roaring Rye-ot (Riot). Of course Suzie loved the idea and Chad came up with an awesome recipe. We love it and are proud to have our own NoDa beer for our members and Panthers fans.
  7. Anything else new going on for this season? This season we’ve launched a new media site called The Riot Report. We’ll be covering the Panthers at all practices and games – home and away. And we’ll be creating some really cool content at all of our away game trips. Not all fans can go on the away game trips, so we want to make sure we’re sharing the experiences that we’re creating through our pictures, videos, and words.