CHARLOTTE, N.C., August 23, 2019 — The return of this Juicy Hazy IPA is back, but this time we turned the juice up to 11. ? It’s a different batch from the last and brewed with your feedback in mind! It’s also brewed in partnership with The Woody and Wilcox Show. Radio Haze is a Juicy/Hazy (also known as New England) IPA that sits at 6.0% ABV and has 30 IBUs.  It’s pale yellow in color and consistently cloudy with a pillowy white head that lingers in lacing as you drink the beer down. Radio Haze, our latest year-round beer, is brewed with a fantastic hop blend that leads to mostly up front juicy and tropical hop aroma. The hop blend consists of Mosaic, Citra, Centennial, and Chinook hops. Sitting at 6% ABV, it’s a whole lot of flavor without much bitterness. It’s hazy and smooth with a medium body, from heavy use of Torrified wheat and oats. The aroma of this beer is a TROPICAL mix of Pineapple, Mango, Tangerine, and subtle undertones of bright citrus and slight pine.  The flavor is very similar to the aroma, but comes off more rounded and smooth, without being sweet or “malty”. The beer achieves its appearance from a variety of factors that are all done to hit the aromatic and flavor goals of the beer.  The beer is brewed using Two Row base grain and nearly 48% adjuncts, specifically wheat malt, torrified (think puffed up popcorn) wheat, and flaked oats.  The excessive amount of wheat and oats add a high amount of protein substrate known as protamin which actually holds on to polyphenol oils in the hops that we add heavily in the fermenter.  This causes a combination of both polyphenol and protein haze to linger in the final beer. Finally, this beer is carbonated at a slightly lower level (2.35 Atmospheres, as opposed to Hop Drop which is 2.45-2.55) in order to have carbonation but to accentuate the smooth and somewhat creamy mouthfeel and accentuate the “juicy-ness” of the hops used throughout the process. You can find this juicy treat at both our OG (2229 N Davidson St, Charlotte, NC) and North End (2921 N Tryon St, Charlotte, NC) locations, on tap and in cans, starting on August 23rd at 3 pm.