Friday, April 17th Recap

Last Friday’s Pourcast Live (every Friday at 3pm!) was an intimate group of NoDa employees and NoDa Brewing fans, all having beers together and chatting about life and well, all of our new beers, of course!

Q: What are all of the new beers you have come out with since the start of the #NoDaBrewThru?

A: We’ve had seven new offerings in cans. A couple of those are year-round options including Layover Lager Light American Lager (available now), Ramble On Red (available Monday the 20th), and OG Kolsch (available Friday the 24th). A couple have been “pivot” beers like 1775, a primarily draft-driven beer that we make for the Charlotte Independence soccer team, whose season was canceled, and Valencia Pale Ale, the Citra hop-driven Valencia Orange zested Pale Ale we make in honor of our Symphony On Tap series we do in our taproom with the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra. And, of course, we have a couple of brand-new offerings, including Hop So-Low IPA and Zuper Heroes Czech Pilsner!

Q: Are Zuper Heroes Czech Pilsner or Hop So-Low IPA coming back?

A: Yes! It’ll take a couple of weeks to get here, but we were absolutely floored by the outpouring of support for Zuper Heroes. We’re making more, with the charity still tied in, and we can’t wait to bring it back soon! As far as Hop So-Low IPA is concerned, keep your eyes peeled for more news on our social media platforms!

Q: What domestic beer is Layover Lager Light American Lager most like?

A: Stylistically, it is most similar to Bud Light. We were inspired to make Layover Lager for our airport taproom, and it has been a huge hit city-wide!

Q: We ask you: What do you all think of Valencia Pale Ale?

A: (Lindsay Sprick) “Yummy!” “I’m loving it!” “I’m taking some home with me!”

Q: We ask you: What have you all been doing as hobbies during social distancing?

A: “We’re still working on potty training a puppy. He’s stubborn!”

“I bought one of those adult coloring books and pens, and I absolutely love it! It’s really mindless, and I’m decently stressed right now, and it’s so nice to only think about what color to use next.”

“I went by Paper Skyscraper today and picked up a new puzzle! We wanted to get something new and help support local business as well.”

“We’re doing puzzles too! Currently it’s the Melted Popsicle one and every time I see I just want to shove it off of the table.”

“I’ve been playing my little farming video game that brings me joy.”

“We have one house project and one excursion every weekend, and we have a ton of puzzles too!”

“We’ve been hanging out in the RV, cooking outside, and taking naps. I was planning a trip to go out to Utah this month, but we had to shelve that.”

Q: Are we having a theme party next week?


We also talked about wearing face masks, possible coming restrictions in our state, going grocery shopping, and shopping local. Tiger King, canceled weddings, canceled Disney trips, sneak peeks on upcoming swag, beers, and more! You never know what you’ll find out each week in Pourcast Live!

Friday, April 24th: What’s next? A costume party! You never know who might show up, and we’re giving out swag to those with the best outfits!