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Hosted by Uncreative L.L.C., this unique take on a Sunset Beach will leave you feeling your inner Van Gogh!

About this Event:
We’re going to be painting the wildest beach sunset you’ve ever seen. Inspired by Van Gogh, this painting is all about movement, emotion, and those crashing, moody waves.
Hosted by Cody Hanes at the NoDa Brewing Company, this Paint and Sip goes beyond just painting with:
• More than bristles – Ever used a foam brush? You will utilize them here!
• More than copy and paste painting- You’ll learn several intuitive techniques for creating artistic textures.
• More than sip – Hosted at NoDa Brewing, more craft beer choices than you could try, also Kombucha, tea and cold brew coffee options as well!
The price of this meetup does not include drinks, what it does include:
• Two hours of fun, stress-free painting, instructed and led by me.
• Your canvas, which you obviously take home after!
• All the paint you need to make it beautiful! If you want to take home some squirts of paint in to-go containers to make edits/additions later, you are more than welcome!
The painting begins at 6:30pm, please arrive early so you have time to get situated and order a drink!


2921 N. Tryon St.
Charlotte, NC 28206

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Mon – Thurs 4pm – 9pm

Fri 3pm – 10pm

Sat 12pm – 10pm

Sun 12pm – 8pm


2229 N. Davidson St.
Charlotte, NC 28205


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