October 29, 2019 — Cheers to Eight Years!

Can you believe it?! We have been open for eight wonderful years. This means eight years of memories, hard work, consistency, and of course, beer. There’s been about 418 passing weeks since the first day we opened our doors. That means that we’ve brewed 450+  beers since. Not to mention, our nine year-round beers we keep up with. In a single month we brew about 500 bbl. of Hop Drop ‘n Roll alone.

Subsequently, all of that beer takes a lot of work and manpower. It truly takes a village, to operate and grow at the speed we have. Nonetheless, our village of employees is more like a family. Whether our employees have been here for eight years, or less than one, we smile because we get to make beer together.

Today we’re smiling and reminiscing on some of the wonderful memories our employees have shared with us, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Carla, Run Club Director
– My favorite memory of noda was the very first Christmas employee party I attended. Suzie rented a bus and we headed to VBGB for karaoke and trivia. It was one of the most fun times I’ve ever had being a part of the noda family.

Wes, OG Tap Room Manager – My Favorite NoDa memory would have to be the knights game employee day. It was great to have the whole crew off together being able to all have a night of fun, baseball, and friendship.  I love working for a company where everyone is so passionate and also so down to earth. There were owners and 7+ year employees alongside new hires all united by NoDa Brewing.

Tyler, Logistics Manager –  My favorite memory from working at NoDa Brewing Company was quite simple. On the day we first released  Hop, Drop, & Roll and Jam Session in cans- I was heading out of town to visit family. The canning process was much slower and physically involved than it is now. So, you definitely felt like part of you was going out with each 4 pack. Being able to take something that I physically labored over to share with loved ones, was an unreal experience. Not only was it a fantastic product being put in cans but it was truly a “labor of love” for those of us involved.

Rebecca, Packaging  – My favorite memory from NoDa was Build Your Own Boat. It was my first year being a part of it and it was hilarious. We never got off the dock with the boat upright and only one of four of us made it down on the boat (not even fully down) It was awesome even though we didn’t make it to the point of even getting 1 point for the boat. But it was 100% worth it and the most I have ever laughed.

Matthew M, OG Brewer/Cellerman – Ooh, favorite memory is a hard one but I have to say that my favorite memory is Citranomicron brew day. It was an exciting day that Chad and I looked forward to for months. The day finally arrived and it was exciting, challenging, smelled amazing, and most importantly pushed the boundaries for us on making a fantastic beer.

Lindsay, Her Hopness – So, I really don’t know where to start. That’s a lot of beer I’ve been a part of over the years. I’ve personally participated in over 400 events for NoDa Brewing Company. I’ve seen us win every medal except for Coco Loco’s, our first. I was here for the start of Craft Freedom, and I’m now here for the adventure post-legislative change. I’ve seen employees come and go, get married, divorced, and fall in love again. I’ve watched my colleagues become first time parents, first time grandparents, aunts, uncles, and become some of my best friends! I’ve truly been lucky to be a part of this family and to watch the NoDa brand itself grow and develop into its own identity.

I could say that my favorite memory was enthusiastically running across the newly minted Bearden Park on April 11th, 2014 to Courtyard Hooligans, the closest bar with Hop Drop ‘n Roll IPA on draft, to announce to some of our biggest fans that Hop Drop had just won the World Beer Cup American IPA Gold Medal. Everyone hooted and hollered and there were happy pints clinked together all night! No one likely remembers this, but it was the night of the inaugural game for the Charlotte Knights at BB&T Ballpark Uptown, and we were in the top of the 11th inning when we got the news. Suzie Ford and I were sitting next to each other, and our phones started going off at the same time. We could barely believe it!! I ran around for months calling it “Hop Drop ‘n Gold IPA,” and it still makes me laugh to this day!

Jenn H, Virtual Support – Taking over the website email. I love working closely with our president, hitting up our staff for details, and communicating with our community and beyond. When the product you represent is sold in a major international airport & wins big awards, you hear from all over.

Charles, Controller – Two of the best moments were going on stage at GABF with Chad to accept Gold medals for Nodajito in 2016 and Gordgeous in 2018. Getting a fist bump from Charlie Papazian and looking out at the thousands of assembled industry members in three stories of theater seating was a humbling experience. Even better, since we were pouring each of them the following sessions, there were numerous brewers and attendees coming over a taste and congratulate us. The Gordgeous medal probably initiated the most FB posts and text messages I’ve ever receiving in a 24 hour period. Just as exciting was sitting with Chad, Suzie and Todd (along with Nancy and Rusty) at the 2012 GABF (about 11 months after opening) and seeing Coco Loco announced as the American Porter Silver medal.

Matt V, Production Manager – One of my favorite memories is being invited to do a collaboration with New Belgium and the NoDa breweries (Birdsong, Heist, and Free Range). We flew out there and brewed on their pilot system (which was 10 barrels I believe), got a private tour from Lauren Salazar (the Sour Beer Queen) and even had a big dinner party at her house. Loads of fun. Then they came out and brewed on our system at OG.

Ryan, Cellerman – The best moment I’ve had was not only building the hot dog bote and going down the rapids of the white water center, but also the amount of people and support that shows up to cheer us on as we went down!

Joe, Sales and Delivery  – Well my time at NoDa has been short so far, but just being apart of a tremendous group of people who work hard to consistently produce great beer, customer service, and giving back to the community is a means all in itself. Being here while Gordgeous won gold was really neat. You can feel there was something special with it this year and it proved itself why. And another exciting time is happening right now with Brizo coming out! So, that may not have answered the question as thoroughly but I’m just excited to be apart of the NoDa Brewing Co. team.

Jack, Packaging – I started with the company making NoDable videos. At the time, I don’t think either of us (myself or the company) knew what we were really doing. It’s been amazing watching (and often filming) this company evolve from 4 months after its birth to where we are now.

One day in the tap room Suzie asked if I’d be open to helping on the canning line. Back then it was a 4 head Wild Goose line run by a mobile canning unit. We now run a 30 head rotary filler with the best packaging crew on earth. I’m lucky to have witnessed and been a part of that growth.

And of course, USS Hot Dog Bote, Baby! In a week our team assembled a gargantuan hot dog and piloted it (the best we could) down whitewater rapids. It fell apart, but somehow that made it even more fun.

Alana, Events Coordinator – When I came on board at NoDa Brewing, it was about a month before the spring event season was about to get under way. I had to be a quick study in all of the established events that would take place, as well as the pop up events and reservations. Some days it seemed a little overwhelming how many moving parts there were but this is when I realized how great this NoDa team is. Everyone one jumped in to help answer any questions I had, give me support and provide some insight from past events. My favorite event milestone was the huge JJ Grey concert we hosted in June 2018. It was a large scale production concert with lots of meetings and (wo)manpower but we made it happen, as a team.

Tap Room General Manager  – The baseball games and Christmas parties are second to none! It’s so great to work for a company that does that for the whole crew and I love being able to hang with everyone at them and enjoy the day off!

The customer relations we have is a second favorite We’ve seen couples go from dating, to being married, to having their first kid. It is a testament to the hard work everyone here puts in day after day to keep us relevant as a tap room and in the local market.

Becca, Merchandising – Back even before we started officially working for Noda, we used to go to the tailgate before the Panthers games. One day, both Suzie and Todd were busy talking to people, and someone asked about the beer, and I started telling them what I liked about it. I felt like both of them looked over and took the time to come to a natural conversation point to come back and pour instead of rushing.

Matthew S, Packaging Manager – Favorite memory is riding down a giant hot dog boat down the whitewater Rapids at the whitewater center.

Todd, Founder/Owner – One of my fondest memories of our first eight years was seeing the crowd of customers waiting to try our beers as we opened our doors for the first time eight years ago. We had three beer styles on tap and one cash register. We poured beers from 12 pm till 11 pm. What an exciting and exhausting day!