The dog days of summer are upon us and so are three amazing Brizo flavors. Each flavor is aggressively refreshing in their own way and pairs nicely with just about any choice of liquor.

Whether you’re a gin person, a vodka person, or a rum person, we’ve got something up our sleeve for you! This summer we paired up with a local mixologist and two creative bloggers to bring you a drink that suits your palate. Although easy to make with just a few ingredients, these four Brizo cocktails hold their own unique and delicious flavor profile. You most likely have all the ingredients for these cocktails already waiting for you at home!

Bob Peters, a local mixologist, created the perfect take on a fruity cocktail with our Raspberry Lemon Seltzer. The main ingredient in his cocktail recipe being, Social House Vodka, a local favorite! If vodka is your go to, we suggest trying the recipe to his Raspberry Lemon banger first!

Chrissie Beth, a local Food and Travel blogger, also created a great recipe with our Raspberry Lemon Seltzer, which we call a Raspberry Gin Seltzer. If gin is up your alley, this would be a great recipe to try first. Chrissie is not a mixoligist, so rest assured this recipe is easily made at home!

Lastly, we worked with Slice Jess Bently, from Slice of Jess to create a series of cocktail recipes for us. She is a local blogger and self-taught chef who has an open palate for liquor. She created three tasty recipes, each made with three different liquors. She first created this Moscow mule for the typical vodka lover who loves the flavor or mint, then created a salty dog spritzer perfect for any grapefruit lover, and lastly created a raspberry mojito smash for those that love rum.

There are plenty of summer weekends ahead to try all these seltzers. Let us know when you do. We’d love to know which one is your favorite!