The News

After nearly a year in the works, made in a galaxy close close by (our original location on North Davidson Street — affectionately known as OG), we’re thrilled to announce that our first barrel-aged program, Boba Brett Sour Project, is officially launching later this month on Memorial Day — cue the celebration emojis!

The Why

Our sour project’s namesake, Boba Brett, was dreamed up because of the perfect marriage between Boba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy, and Brettanomyces (“Brett” for short), one of the main microbes found in sour beers.

And we’re not just thrilled to bring Boba Brett to life because his name rocks (and it totally does), but because you, our loyal customers, have been asking for it! “There’s really been a pickup in the demand for sours,” says Suzie Ford, President and Co-Owner, “which is why we’re thrilled that the project is finally ready to share.” 

The other thing we love about brewing sours is that it’s really fun and challenging for our brewers. “I love how unpredictable brewing sours can be,” says Bart Roberts, OG Funkmaster. “When you start [brewing sours], you have an end goal in mind, but because you’re working with so many living organisms, you never know exactly what the liquid will become. The good news is that as long as you give it enough time, attention, and proper conditions, you will end up with a wonderfully complex beer.”

The Details

On May 29, our North End tap room will open at noon so that beer-lovers have a longer day to celebrate getting their hands on Baril de Saison, a barrel-fermented clean Saison blended with just a hint of our Boba Brett sour base to give it a better balance and tartness. On the following day, May 30, releasing as that week’s NoDable beer, we’ll be pouring Boba Brett in his purest form — a deliciously crisp pale sour. By the end of June, a new sour from the project will be available in the tap room as well as bars and restaurants around town.

The Future

We know you’re excited about giving the project’s first two brews a try, but, you’ve got to be thinking… What else will this sour-tastic project include? We already have a dark sour base in the works, plus we’ve got red wine barrels, apple brandy barrels, and an incredibly creative team of brewers who are sure to produce some even better iterations using our sour bases. According to Roberts, fruit and dry-hopped sours are certainly on the horizon.

Stay tuned for part two of this blog post series, where we’ll nerd-out about things like titration and our two 30 bbl foeders (go science!), and the process of bringing this project to life. You’ll even find out more about how you can be a part of an in-person sour experience that you don’t want to miss!