“It hasn’t always been easy, but it has always been fun,” said Owner Suzie Ford as she thought back on the last (nearly) six years of creating 52 NEW NoDable beers every year.

It all started in Portland. Before we opened in the fall of 2011, our founders, Todd and Suzie Ford, headed to Oregon earlier in the year to check out Premier Stainless Systems in action, as they had just decided to outfit our brewery with a 15 bbl Premier Stainless brewhouse. The trip led them to Breakside Brewery, where they met Brewmaster Ben Edmunds, and learned about how they released a brand new beer every week. Todd and Suzie were instantly drawn to the idea, but Edmunds warned them that it was a crazy task to undertake.

Well, call us nuts, because here we are about 300 NoDable beers later, and we see no end to our Tuesday weekly releases! From salted caramel Stouts to peach Pale Ales and Bohemian Pilsners to strawberry goses, we’ve made a lot of creatively delicious brews. The best part is (other than drinking them), our brewers are constantly getting to innovate, try new things, and get creative. Our Head Brewer, Chad Henderson, took the lead on the NoDable Program when we first opened, and loved the chance that brewing weekly beers gave him to do something out of the ordinary. His favorite NoDable? Holiday Mac Attack, a chocolate and vanilla roasted macadamia nut Porter!

As we’ve grown over the years and moved into our new facility, where Henderson now leads the charge on our staple beers, Bart Roberts (aka OG Funkmaster) has taken the reigns on the NoDable Program out of our original, or OG, facility. “I love getting to be creative,” said Roberts, “there are limitless possibilities on what can be created.” In addition to loving the imaginative part of his job, he also enjoys getting to be a part of the entire cycle of beer creation; from coming up with the idea to cleaning the tank and kegging the brews, he loves seeing the beers start to finish.

Not only is our team able to get creative during the brewing process with NoDables, but we’ve have also had a lot of fun creating short films for some of our Tuesday releases! Spearheaded by our Brewery Manager, Matt Virgil (who has a screenwriting degree), we’ve had a blast entertaining viewers while introducing new beers. From Rye So Serious (below) to Stop, Collaborate and Glisten, we’ve probably had a little too much fun! :)

So if you’re tired of drinking the same ‘ole beer, or just want an excuse to visit us more often, swing by any Tuesday for another brand new NoDable beer installment!