Creamy, Dreamy Nitro Beer

September 1, 2017


We’re not exactly sure what it is, but there’s almost something magical about pouring beer from a nitro tap and watching the tiny bubbles in the glass disappear! It’s creamy, dreamy and completely delicious. Don’t know what a nitro beer is? We’re here to help!

Beer on nitro tap was long ago popularized by the Irish giant, Guinness, but the style has since spread and caught on in the craft world (especially during the chilly months when you want a stout or porter), our brewery included. In our tap room, you’ll occasionally find a nitro version of our Coco Loco Porter on tap. “When we put nitrogenized beer on tap, it typically contains about 75% nitrogen and 25% carbon dioxide,” said Brian Schonder, our mad scientist.

When nitro beer is referenced, we’re talking about the kind of gas that’s added to beer after it gets clarified. Instead of adding CO2 (which goes into a typical beer), nitrogen is infused into the beer. Because nitrogen gas is mostly insoluble, it gives the beer a smooth and creamy mouth feel.

Coco Loco is actually on the nitro tap right now, and it’s the perfect choice as the cooler weather begins to roll in! Plus, you can even put your taste buds to the test by trying regular Coco Loco and the nitrogenized Coco Loco side-by-side to determine if you like the version infused with CO2 or nitrogen better!