7 Reasons Why Our Brewery is Perfect for Your Event

July 21, 2017

Our brewery

Since we opened our doors in 2011, one of the best ways we’ve been able to connect with and support our community is through hosting events, especially for local charities. When we designed our second tap room (N. Tryon location) in 2015, not only was creating a small private space a top priority, but the entire tap room and patio was designed with event hosting in-mind.

In the last (nearly) six years, we’ve hosted charity events, engagement/bridal/wedding showers, birthday parties, networking functions, corporate meetings, art shows, crafting workshops, exercise classes, musical performances, artisan markets, dog adoptions, weddings…Okay, you get it. Name the event type, and we’ve probably hosted it! So if you’re thinking about hosting something soon, look no further than our tap room. Why? Here are a few reasons:

It’s free!

We know you’re not used to hearing this, but we promise it’s not a joke; hosting an event at our tap room or renting out our private room (that accommodates up to 20) is completely free. According to our events coordinator, Jessica Kopasakis, “We do this as a way to give back to our community.” Not only is it beneficial for charities and small businesses that don’t have the budget to rent a venue, but it’s also great for families and friends that just want to host a special event without blowing the budget.

It’s cool

…At least we think so! :) What’s not to love about a space that has the trendy industrial-vibe, but is also warm and welcoming to visitors?!

You can reach a new audience

If you’re a nonprofit looking to reach a new group of potential donors or a craftsman trying to get your work in front of more people, our tap room is just what you’ve been looking for. Since we don’t shut down the tap room while you’re event is happening, you’re reaching a ton of additional people that you didn’t even have to invite! “We don’t just have local guests in the tap room,” Jessica added. “People travel from all over to grab a beer with us, so there’s a great potential for reaching people outside of our local market.”

Free marketing

When when know your event will appeal to our audience, we’re all over spreading the word across our social media channels and to our friends in the media!

The sky’s the limit

Simply put, we’re open to all kinds of event ideas. We’re happy to accommodate anything that our space allows. From the outdoor patio to the tap room, there are so many options to help make your event vision come true.

You don’t have to play host

You don’t have to clean your house, cook dinner, grab beer, worry about parking or provide entertainment… We’ve got you covered! Between our two bars (with delicious craft beer), the Tin Kitchen food truck (that’s here everyday) and entertainment for everyone in the family (corn hole, disc golf, board games, and bubbles and chalk for the kiddos), hosting an event here is incredibly easy and stress-free.  

We’re local

When you bring your event to our tap room, not only are you helping to support your local economy, but you’re helping to bring our community even closer together!

Get started on planning your event by reaching out to Events@NoDaBrewing.com.

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