What’s in the can?

September 30, 2015


In the world of beer, a brand description is a very specific explanation of what each product should look, smell, taste and feel like.  However, wading through the verbiage can be a little intimidating.  For example, here’s a blurb from our brand description of Hop, Drop ‘n Roll, “light amber (7 SRM), slightly cloudy with […]

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Popcorn in my beer?

August 31, 2015


Diacetyl, a commonly mispronounced chemical, not only gives butter its recognizable flavor, but it can also be found in beer. (Two pronunciations are die-ASS-a-tell and DIE-a-see-till.) Have you ever visited your local beer bar, maybe ordered a light lager, and BOOM, mouth full of butter!  All of the sudden, you’re remembering your last trip to […]

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